Tech Point's 'The Modern Workplace Africa Conference': 'Apex Network' Shines as Co-Sponsor.

Tech Point's 'The Modern Workplace Africa Conference': 'Apex Network' Shines as Co-Sponsor.
(Left-to-Right) Adefimilola Oluwatosin-Content and community manager ; Lovelyn-Customer service executive ; Ajani Emmanuel-Supervisor, customer relations and transactional officer ;Joy Alabi-Hundeyin-Head, People and operations; Toyin- Customer relations and transactional officer Apex Network.

'The Modern Workplace Africa Conference' Witnesses 'Apex Network' Spearheading Innovation and Connecting in a Thriving Market"

Victoria Island, Lagos, 21st Oct. 2023 – Techpoint's 'The Modern Workplace Africa Conference' brought together thought leaders, HR professionals, and eager job seekers for enriching discussions and networking. The event, held at Landmark, VI on 21/10/2023, witnessed the dynamic participation of 'Apex Network' as a prominent co-sponsor, significantly contributing to the conference's resounding success.

The conference, designed to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, provided a unique platform for 'Apex Network' to play a pivotal role in connecting with attendees, both prospective employees and potential customers. Under the leadership of 'Joy Alabi-Hundeyin,' the Head of People and Operations at 'Apex Network,' the team made a remarkable impact on the event's diverse activities.

One of the notable facets of Apex Network's involvement at the conference was its commitment to engaging with job seekers. They hosted individual discussions with attendees, delving into their skills, experiences, and aspirations while exploring potential roles within 'Apex Network.' The outcome of these meaningful conversations was the invitation for job seekers to submit their CVs, marking a significant step towards potential employment with 'Apex Network.'

Beyond their active role in the job fair component, 'Apex Network' also took the opportunity to present their innovative range of products and services to a receptive audience of prospective customers. Their dedication to addressing the evolving demands of the modern workplace in Africa was evident as they highlighted the versatility and value of their offerings.

Joy Alabi-Hundeyin, Head of People and Operations at 'Apex Network,' expressed her enthusiasm about the event, stating, "We are deeply committed to fostering positive changes in the African workplace. The 'The Modern Workplace Africa Conference' provided a platform for us to identify exceptional talent and understand the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace. Our team's engagement with job seekers and prospective customers was a resounding success, and we are excited about the potential collaborations that may arise."

Techpoint, the event organizers, praised 'Apex Network's' unwavering dedication to the conference's mission, emphasizing businesses' critical role in facilitating connections and opportunities for job seekers in today's competitive job market.

'The Modern Workplace Africa Conference' served as a fitting stage for 'Apex Network' to underscore its commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the African workplace. As co-sponsors, their active involvement in connecting with job seekers and presenting their services substantially impacted the event.

The African job market is a significant focus for 'Apex Network' and many other companies, reflecting the continent's booming economy and a growing need for skilled professionals in various sectors. With a youthful and vibrant population, Africa offers a vast and dynamic market for businesses to explore.

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