Introducing Apex Virtual Dollar Card!

Introducing Apex Virtual Dollar  Card!

Why you should have the card

Convenience: Creating your virtual card and making payments introduces convenience and a smooth process.

Acceptance: It is accepted across all major platforms and can be used anywhere worldwide, eliminating the friction encountered in global transactions and payments.

Controlling your payments: Control your subscriptions and every other payment; you only allow which payment can be processed. 

What Can I Do With My Virtual Dollar Card

The virtual card is a simple card created to make life easier; you can easily do a lot from the convenience of your location, such as:

Subscriptions: As a tech geek with subscriptions on different platforms ranging from skills acquisition to entertainment, etc., You are sure to stay on the subscriptions using a virtual USD card, which is ideal for managing it.

Online Shopping: While surfing the web and shopping for the product of your choice, the payment section validates your transactions; using the virtual card to make payments on any of these e-commerce sites makes it more seamless.

Online Booking: On a trip for vacation or a business meeting, booking your hotel or flight can be seamlessly done directly from the comfort of your home, and so is the payment. Lock down your space with the virtual dollar card. 

How to request for the virtual dollar card

To request your virtual dollar card, log into your Apex account and tap the 'card' icon on the modal. You will see a button with 'Get your Card' tap to select the card design you'd love to have. Next, tap on the drop-down arrow to choose your funding source, and then tap on proceed; congratulations! Your card has been created.

What is the daily spending limit on my card?

You can spend up to 10,000 thousand dollars on your card daily, meaning up to $300,000 monthly.

How Do I Fund My Card?

Funding your account is easy; just like when you requested the card, it's almost the same process. Tap on 'fund card' in the 'My Card' dashboard, select the funding source from your wallet, and input the amount you want to fund with. The rate and the dollar equivalent will reflect; tap on the next button, request an OTP, paste or type the OTP into the box provided, and then tap on the fund. 

Yeah! Your card has been funded, and you can start shopping with it.

Create Your Virtual USD Card. Click here

Written by: Adefimilola Tosin 'JEGZ'