Five Productivity Hacks for 2024

Five Productivity Hacks for 2024

As you navigate through work and life in 2024, equip yourself with the right technique to keep you productive.

From setting achievable daily goals to maximizing your efficiency, working to achieve more than you earned last year requires a new approach and a method.

Here are five key productivity hacks that promise to redefine how you approach tasks and maximize your efficiency this year.

Set daily achievable goals: Goal setting is the sure way to achieve a lot; having what you aim to achieve before embarking on a task or path would give clarity and show if you are on the right path.

Devote time for critical tasks: You have a lot on your desk or to-do list; it is ideal to appropriate enough time for the most critical ones. This would help you achieve a lot before getting drained for the day.

Avoid multitasking: We have read and learned that it is good to multitask, but avoid it if you know it's something you are not good at. Multitasking causes distractions and can make you inefficient. Take care of your task, one task at a time.

Turn off notifications: Those intrusive sounds can divert your mind from your tasks. While working, turning off notifications to ensure maximum concentration and better output is best. Even if you receive a notification and do not check it, your mind and senses may still be affected. It is advisable to turn off notifications for an uninterrupted workflow.

Automate your subscriptions with a virtual USD card: Streamline your subscription management with a virtual USD card; you can automate your subscriptions without having to put your mind on it at all times. This would help you stay in control and be productive.

Written by: Adefimilola Tosin 'Jegz'